Jun 22, 2023

Auto Mover - Py Automation

Ok, so this is one of my first automation projects in a while and also the first of hopefully many that I'll publish here. What this script does is move media from my Android phone to my computer so that I don't end up with years worth of data that needs backing up. That's the......

Apr 11, 2023

New Theme

Ok ok, I admit I did say this was going to be a minimal CSS and old-fashioned text-only kinda blog, but no-style-please felt a bit too "no style", which is why I went looking for something with a bit more colourful. I came across a few that were pretty good, one.....

Apr 6, 2023

Working with Hugo

So, judging by the lack of "aesthetic" this blog offers, it's quite evident that I'm not very good with front-end, which is why I wanted something easy to set up and most importantly didn't require me to work on the design much. I tried Blogger, WordPress and.....