My name is Ashrith! I’m a software engineer from India. I love to click pictures of people, animals, architecture or let’s just say just about anything I find captivating. I like football (although I admit, it’s been a while since I last played) and Formula 1. I also love driving. I haven’t been on a road trip with my friends yet but it is definitely on my bucket list.

I mostly work with Python, but I’m always looking to explore other languages and technologies, and what they offer. Back-end is my home turf, I’m not that well versed with front-end technologies, however, I’m trying to change that this year. I believe every back-end engineer should know a bit about front-end and vice-versa. I’ve been in this field for a little over 3 years, working on various back-end services like REST APIs, some chatbots and other weird-wonky stuff, using Python and its frameworks like Django, Flask and FastAPI.

Probably going to change the theme sooner than later. Already have a replacement in place but it has its shortcomings, gotta fix that first. More on that later.

So, yeah, that’s it for now, welcome to my blog!